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Only the strange are curious about the strange

Welcome! The universe is vast and curious

I am an overly intellectual autodidact nurturing a new blog addiction, so…this will be an adventure in creating new neural networks for us all!

My home is a peaceful little mid-century house that backs into a creek greenbelt in south central Texas. Below are my two dogs Gypsy and Sullivan (not pictured, Queen Circe the witch cat).

Please explore, imagine, learn. It is likely I will be guided by whatever has caught my fascination at the time. Topics will range from earthy to transcendent, with a focus on consciousness, culture and subtle energies. I will endeavor to cite references thoroughly.

In an effort toward some amount of focus, I have split my personalities between here and my sister site, madqueenmaude.com which deals with less esoteric and more mundane matters (design, environment, policy, science).